Black Milk…Above the Below


When a producer decides to inject his/her music into the current digital society we are a part of, it would be wise for them to ensure what they let out to the masses is something that will stand the test of time and if not the work should have the components within its DNA to have a certain kind of impact in the future. Black Milk has been (quite as kept) accomplishing both of these things with his releases! His latest offering “If There’s A Hell Below” is a result of the experience, exposure and evolution that he has lived throughout his still budding career. The album which picks up where the previous album left off is a juggernaut of boom-bap ambiance that plays thick in your eardrums like a smoke-filled nightspot. The vibe though, is poignant and you can’t help but to appreciate what this cat does. He acknowledges the past of music and everything that laid down the foundation to what he’s about. Evident on a track like “Detroit’s New Dance Show” where he samples audio from the Detroit public access show that aired during the late 80’s, early 90’s, The New Dance Show. A must for any, to hear those club classics of the time and to watch the fly steps being showcased by the D-town crowd. If you don’t know about it get your YouTube on. With that said, I was able to speak with Black for a few about the new album, production and current events! Continue reading