Everything Is A Mess…

If there were a soundtrack being put together to (further) point out all the bullshit racism happening in the United States displayed by the actions of law enforcement against black & brown people in 2016, than Rebelmatic have a slot filled…peep the newest video from the NYC hardcore act and get upset and be reminded that everything is a mess!!!


They sell you fear like fast food
a room full of despair they’ll trap you
they say your love is bulletproof
must have a Teflon heart
it’s worth the price of admission
yeah right, we trust the system
tonight, we won’t be the victim
we fight with all our conviction
Here, There, Where?
where, here, there.
Here, There, Where,
Where, Here, ThERE,
no one is safe from the airwaves
the city tore down, natives been displaced
caught crabs the lap of luxury
a different language to a culture thief
I saw the future thru blood shot eyes
whats wrong with you? you look surprised
pride ate insecurity
that war inside won’t bury me
Here, There, Where?
where, here, there.
Here, There, Where,
Where, Here, ThERE,
you want  to buy death they’ll sell it for cheap X4


Ana Tijoux, Webster Hall, NYC

Live from Webster Hall, NYC, October 11th 2015…Ana Tijoux rocked the mic and did her thing as anticipated the day before Indigenous Peoples Day….first to take the stage was the fiery Staten Island mic wrecker Nani Castle. Next up where The Bronx natives, Rebel Diaz. Spitting the fuego for the people…and finally was the Chilean emcee headliner, Ana Tijoux reminding everyone what the real is. Following are some pics from the show, enjoy…

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