Creature Feature: Dope Body


A few weeks back I received a video link for a band out of Baltimore named Dope Body. The video for the first single “Repo Man”, off of their new album Lifer, gave me chills. Not the kind of chills you get when you’re cold or in a sticky predicament, but the type of chills you get when you feel the adrenaline swell through your body just before stomping shit up! I instantly wanted more! There was rawness to the music and the video. For example the kind of raw feeling I remembered getting when I first heard and watched Sonic Youth’s “100%” video. Yeah, the kind ofsensation you get when you don’t want the energy being generated from themusicto end. You want it to last just long enough so that it vibrates through every cell in your body. After hearing the album my feelings were proved right.Is the album laden of 90’s nostalgia though? The 90’s happened almost 20 years ago now, so I can’t really sit here and say, “yeah, I like this album because it reminds of what the 90’s were”. Screw that! I like this album because it contains music that I like, point blank! Lifer, is an offering by Dope Body of what a live band should sound like. It showcases the bands capability to move the crowd. I’m a headphone or should I say an earplug type of dude, so the album showcases the bands ability to make me bang or nod my head.  I was able to speak with David Jacober, the band’s drummer while they were playing out in the lone star state. Continue reading

H.R. and The Dub Agents & Rebelmatic – The Studio at Webster Hall


Peace brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters! A few weeks back I was lucky enough to catch a performance at The Webster Hall Studios of legendary Bad Brains front man H.R. with The Dub Agents along with NYC hardcore act Rebelmatic! Let me tell you that the these brothers give rise to the spirit!!!

Rebelmatic got the crowd open with a steady flow of that raw hardcore. The set was pure energy with jams like “Check Please”, “Native”, “Walls Have Ears” and more…Reb-El-Matic brought that head-nod factor to the audience. If you get a chance to see them rock make sure you have boots on to stomp the floor up!!! Jump in for pics>>> Continue reading

Os Mutantes’

Fool Metal Jacket


I’m not really into posting teaser stream or videos or anything of the sort, but occasionally I’ll make an exception. As is the case with the legendary Brazilian rock outfit Os Mutantes’. These guys have been making music since the late 60’s. Didn’t know? Well if you aren’t fluent in Portuguese you probably wouldn’t have, don’t fret this project will be catered to the English listeners. Check out the following snippet stream of some choice cuts and feel mother green and her killing machine coming in…